About Mia
Mia Vecchio was born January 3, 1997 of Italian and Latin descent. At an early age Mia began to show signs of athleticism. . Mia would bang tennis balls against the handball court walls in the dead of winter as her parents looked on.

Off the court Mia is a good kid , but because of her attitude, desire and determination, she will strive to reach her goals and dreams.  Mia is dedicated and has such discripline for someone her age.

Herrick's High School

This is where it all started and continues for Mia. The district has quite simply embraced her from the very start and has been extremely supportive from the superintendent all the way down to her very first teacher. Herricks High School is where she plays in the summer months under the watchful eye of Jim Petricca, the atheltic department director, who makes sure Mia has everything she needs.

Getting to Know Mia

FAVORITE TV SHOW: American Horror Story 
FAVORITE MOVIE: Project X ,21 Jump Street. 
DREAM JOB: Professional Tennis Player
BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT: Will be when I play the U.S.Open
BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: Losing to players who I know I can beat.&
ADVICE FOR ASPIRING TENNIS PLAYERS: "Never let anyone stop you from achieving what you want & Pursue the moment....

wbli WBLI is Mia's choice of radio when going to practice or tournaments. They play a very wide selection of her favorites and she really enjoys the variety. She tunes in to not only listen to the music but to sometimes hear herself speaking on the radio because WBLI, FM 106.1, has given her a boost of endorsement. WBLI, also endorses a lot of young and new products with a young and hip format.
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